We have a Steam group now!

Hello there my dear readers!

NGR has created a Steam group now! Basically its a group where we the writers or our members can meet up with each other and simple play games on steam together. Although I will say this that I am the most active user of steam in the NGR team so I will be the guy with most of the multi player games although the other writers do have some games that you guys can play with them if you have the game yourself ( btw anyone up for AwesomeNauts or Chivalry?).

Here's the link: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/nettosgameroom

Don't know how to join the group? Well that's easy, log into your steam account (making a account is free) and then press on the link I gave you guys and simple press join (or whatever its called in English since I my web browser translates Steam into Swedish!).

Will be seeing you there readers! Have a nice day.

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