PlayStation Vita Price Drop and New Games Announced!

Just minutes ago at Gamescom 2013 Sony announced some exciting news for the PlayStation Vita. First of all, the Vita will be having a price drop! The once $250-$300 console will now be on sale for $199, with price drops of the expensive memory cards as well. The expensive memory cards, and console cost have been an issue for quite a few people for quite some time, but now both will be much more affordable; however, that isn't the big news of Sony's announcement.

To go along with the Vita's price drop, Sony has a large library of new games coming to the Vita as well, including both new IPs, and new entries in existing sequels. To top it all off, Borderlands 2 has also been announced for the Vita!

For more information, stay tuned. Updates will be made over the next hour so please stay tuned to the blog.

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