Murasaki Baby - PlayStation Vita

Murasaki Baby is a brand new indie title coming to the PlayStation Vita. In Murasaki Baby you guide a strange little creature through a nightmareish world. By using the touch screen, you can help her solve puzzles, and come up with the courage to advance forward. As you play the game she will come across enemies, as well as other road blocks which will require a bit of strategy to get past. One moment she may be walking along, and then the next she may be looking into a mass of darkness. At this point the player can then drag a lantern over the darkness, and help clear the path.

The game makes full use of the Vita's touch controls, as well as the Vita's motion controls; both of which are used to solve the puzzles, and overall protect the strange little girl. The title is a unique, and strange one, but it seems to be one that would be worth the time to check out.

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