Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Lightning Returns - Opening Cutscene

If you've been following Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, then chances are you cannot wait for its release early next year. Although we are still quite a ways away from it, today Square-Enix released a first look at the game's opening cutscene. Check it out!

Although the intro doesn't really show off to much about the game, it does give us a bit more of an inside look at what is to come. Apparently the game will open up with Lightning already in the "new world," and it appears that her and Snow will be going at it from the get go. Very much like the original Final Fantasy XIII, it seems that the game will feature flash backs to give us a better understanding of what is currently going on.

Even though the new "trailer" doesn't show off any gameplay, it is nice to finally get to see a bit more of the game's story. Lightning gets to finally show off some of her new flashy moves, and we get to see her and Snow interact as well. Either way you look at it, it was a nice little sneak peak.