Steam Machines Announced!

For the past year or so, rumors have been going around the net about a little something called the "Steam Box." According to the rumors, the "Steam Box" is a mini computer that is used for one purpose only; to connect to the gaming service "Steam," download games, and play them. While Steam itself is what one might call a "virtual game console" for your PC, the Steam Box was said to have been in the works to remove that "virtual" aspect.

Well, needless to say, them rumors were just rumors. There was no such thing as a "Steam Box" in the works, but that doesn't mean Steam wasn't going to find a home outside of the PC world. Over the past few years, a few 3rd party "Steam Boxes" have come out. Although these devices were not produced by Valve themselves, they were mini computers, and they did run Steam. In a way the Steam Box did become a reality, but not quite in the way fans might have imagined. That is, until now!

A few days ago Valve officially announced a brand new "SteamOS." According to the official Steam website, the SteamOS is a brand new operating system built around Steam itself. With gaming as its core focus, SteamOS is being built for "the big screen." Using Linux architecture as a base, SteamOS will include a wide verity of features, such as the ability to listen to music or watch TV from it, and it will also allow you to stream games from your PC to your SteamOS devices.

Although Valve didn't come out and say it during the SteamOS announcement, many people already knew what the SteamOS would be used for, and today their suspicions were confirmed. Valve will be releasing what they call "Steam Machines," what one might call the "true Steam Box." Just as the rumors had stated earlier last year, the Steam Machines will be "mini computers," they will run on the SteamOS, and they will even feature upgraded parts. Also due to the fact that everyone has their own preferences when it comes to PCs, the Steam Machines will come in a wide verity of shapes and sizes as well. Valve announced that they will be working with quite a few 3rd parties to help get their Steam Machines out on the market, but there was no mention of who these 3rd parties might be.

On top of all of that, Valve will be selecting a few beta testers for the Steam Machines as well. For more information over the beta program, the Steam Machines, or the SteamOS itself; check out the following URL:

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