Monday, September 9, 2013

PlayStation Vita (2000) Model Coming to Japan

Today Sony has announced plans to bring out a brand new Vita (2000) model in Japan. The new model is slightly thinner, a little bit lighter, it uses a standard micro USB charger rather than the Vita exclusive one, it does away with the OLED screen and replaces it with an LCD screen, and it also comes in a wide verity of colors (black, white, brown, blue, yellow, and pink). On top of that, it also contains 1 GB of built in memory, and Sony will be decreasing the price of the additional memory cards. They also went on to announce a brand new 64 GB memory card as well.

Although there is currently no word on a western release of the new model, chances are we will be hearing from Sony very soon. The PlayStation Vita isn't a region locked console, and even Japanese Vitas can be set to english. Due to the nature of the console in general, there really isn't any reason for the west to not get this one.