PlayStation Vita TV

Along with the PlayStation Vita redesign, Sony has also announced a "new" Vita of sorts. This new PlayStation Vita is called "Vita TV," and is basically what one might call a "mini" game console. You connect the Vita TV to your TV, you put your Vita games into the box, and you connect a PlayStation 3 controller to it; once you have done that, you are ready for business! Basically the Vita TV is a "home console" version of the PlayStation Vita. It uses some of the same games, it uses the same memory cards, and it has access to the same apps as well.

Although the Vita TV is in fact a Vita, sadly not all games will work with it at launch. Since some games do use the touch screen features of the Vita, which is something the PS3 controller lacks, some games will have to be updated to work with the new piece of hardware. Even so, all PlayStation One and PSP games will in fact work by default.

Since the PlayStation Vita TV is a PlayStation Vita, it will also be able to make use of the PlayStation 4 streaming service which will allow you to play PlayStation 4 games on it. Although most people may not have a use for this since their PlayStation 4 will most likely be in the same room, it is a nice feature that would allow you to play your PS4 on other TVs in other rooms without having to move the console itself.

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