Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Kickstarter: World 1-1 A game history documentary

Hello there readers! Yes we have yet another kickstarter we would like to share with you all readers (they are very popular these days aren't they). Lets start from the beginning, Netto got contacted by Daryl Rodriguez and Jeanette Garcia, and they asked us if we in NGR could share their project. They are working on a documentary about the history of video games. We are not talking about a small budget retelling of the history now; it will be a full length movie, with interviews with the pioneers, engineers, etc(think of one of those very well done Discovery channel documentaries, except gaming only).

This documentary will go deeply into the roots of the creation of Gaming as we know it today; the business, deals that started it, and A LOT behind the scenes. Daryl and Jeanette basically have the whole team assembled to make this, they even have Nolan Bushnell ready in their team! (For you younger readers, he was the one who founded Atari inc. Which was the company that made gaming popular the very first time in the 70s). The pledge for the kickstarter getting funded is 15,000 dollars. There are no stretch goals but if you pledge at least $20 you get the digital download of the documentary, (35 for a physical DVD copy) and some extras. The money will go to equipment, and travel costs to different locations.

The reason they are doing this project is because a lot of gamer's today (especially very young gamer's), have no clue how gaming actually started, and why its so popular today. In my own personal opinion, I like this idea! I have always liked documentaries that actually go into detail of how certain things started, and how they almost could have had a different outcome. Actually, when I was still in College I made a essay about Game history myself (as you guessed it, it wasn't really that great).

By all means readers, if you have ever wanted a REAL documentary about gaming history, (and not quick summary by a certain "famous" youtuber), then support Daryl and Jeanette in their first episode of gaming history where they will focus as mentioned on the start of it all.

Here is their Kickstarter link and video: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1128229743/world-1-1

And that's all from me readers! Support this awesome idea and have a great day!