It's time to play the PlayStation 4!

Although the PlayStation 4 will be coming out in less than a month; today Sony announced that they will be shipping PS4 kiosks all across the United States. These kiosks will first appear in select few Sony stores, but will then begin to make their way to GameStops, as well as other electronic stores across the country. These kiosks will feature an HD TV, one controller (possibly two depending on the store), and it will have five demos to play. These demos include: the PlayStation 4 exclusive "Knack," FIFA 14, Super Motherload, Octodad (remember, no giant crabs), and Pinball Arcade.

If you are interested in trying out the PlayStation 4 early, you can use the store finder below to look for a location close to you. Simply type in your zip code, pick a maximum distance to search, and then drive to wherever the map sends you!

Keep in mind that stores will be added to the list as they receive the PS4 Kiosk, so make sure you check back from time to time to see if any of your local stores have been added.

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