Pokemon X and Y - Save Corrupting Bug!

If you have Pokemon X or Pokemon Y (any version of the game), then this is a blog post you MUST read. It turns out that the latest entry in the Pokemon series has a massive save corrupting bug, and Nintendo has yet to even acknowledge it.

After you get to the game's capital city "Lumiose City," be careful! Players who are saving their game in the city are turning on their Pokemon games only to find that the game no longer works. Basically the game flat out refuses to load the save data, and the only way to fix this problem is to delete it and start over from the very start.

So, how do you avoid this glitch? Easy. All you have to do is avoid saving in the city, and your game will be fine. Its just that if you don't know about this glitch, chances are you'll want to save in the main city at some point. It is the largest city in the game, there is a lot to do there, and there is even a gym located there; why wouldn't you quit playing for the day and save while standing in it? It really isn't something you would think would ever happen for a game like this, but it does, and it is always the uninformed who come across the problem.

Really this isn't the first time something like this has happened in a Nintendo game. Take Legend of Zelda for example. In the 2006 release "Twilight Princess" on the Nintendo GameCube and Wii, there was a glitch that could cause you to lose 30-60 hours of gameplay depending on when you triggered it. At one point in the game a bridge vanishes, and you cannot return to the earlier half of the game until you fix it. Well, the issue occurred when players saved their game on the map the bridge vanished on. Upon reloading their save file, players were finding themselves standing on the other side of the bridge; the side where they should have been blocked off from. This meant that they were not able to cross where the bridge used to be, and they were then unable to advance through the story. It was one of them bad glitches you wouldn't know about until it happened to you, and what was worse was the fact that there were two sections of the game just like this.

So, what do you do if you have this Pokemon glitch? Well, personally, I would just wait it out. Nintendo 3DS games can be patched, and because of that this glitch can be fixed. If push comes to shove, Nintendo could release an application that fixes your save data (which is what they had to do with The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, which also suffered from a major glitch). At this time we really don't know if Nintendo will act on this, but considering Pokemon is one of their major game series (and one of their biggest game releases this year), it is safe to assume that they'll do whatever they can. Although, they never did fix the random save corruption glitch found in Animal Crossing: New Leaf...

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