Account System Coming to 3DS Next Month!

Over a year ago when Nintendo first announced the Wii U, they also brought up the concept of "Mii Verse." Mii Verse is a massive social network integrated into just about every feature on the Wii U. You can access communities for different games and applications, you can post messages, you can comment on posts others have made, you can share screenshots, and some games even allow you to share information right from the game itself. Overall it is a nice system, but a social network is not all Mii Verse brought to the table. For the first time in Nintendo history, a Nintendo ID could be created for your console. This ID is used to log into your console, it is a profile which is where all of your saved data is stored, it allows you to have a true friends list (instead of just using friend codes), and it also allows you to keep track of your digital purchases! It is basically everything Nintendo fans have been asking for since 2006.

Well, up until now this service has been Wii U exclusive. Nintendo did announce that it would be coming to the 3DS and other devices as well, but we really haven't heard anything about it. That is, until today's Nintendo Direct!

It turns out that the Nintendo 3DS Mii Verse update will be coming out next month. It will allow you to link your 3DS to your Wii U account (so that you can share your wallet, purchases, friends list, etc), or you can create a brand new Nintendo 3DS specific account. Once you do so you will then have access to the Nintendo 3DS social aspects, as well as the brand new 3DS sections of Mii Verse.

For more information check out Nintendo's official page by going to:

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