Monday, April 7, 2014

Azure Striker Website Now Live and with Design Differences?

The official website for Inafune and Inti Creates' new game Azure Striker Gunvolt is now live. The site has both an English and Japanese side to it, and both translations provide basic information about the game and its characters. There's a page for story information, a page for character information, and even a few videos to watch. Both sides of the site are basically the same, however, there are a few major differences as well. Specifically with Gunvolt's design.

While the original Japanese design for Gunvolt (as seen on left) had long hair, and his stomach exposed, the English version (seen on right) does not. His hair has been made shorter, he wears a shirt under his jacket, and some of the artwork's effects appear to be different as well. His electric sparks are made smaller and lighter, and his hair color is slightly lighter as well.

Other than Gunvolt, the other characters seem to be the same. As seen on the website's front page (which features what we can only assuem to be the full cast), Gunvolt is the only one to change. Lumen still has her semi low cut outfit, and all of the other male characters remain untouched.

So, why was Gunvolt changed? Well, we don't know the answer to that, but one can only assume it's due to regional differences. Its possible that the developers felt that the Japanese Gunvolt with his longer hair would appeal to fans Japan, but not in the west (after all, he does look similar to other well known characters in Japan). Really though, it all comes down to personal opinions. Although, this wouldn't be the first time a character's design was changed to try and match the "trends" in different regions.

For more information, check out the official website, and check out the differences for yourself: