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Every once in awhile we here at NGR will come across a great deal which is too good not to share, and now is one of them times. Now just to make everything clear, we are not in anyway affiliated with the seller(s) of this game. This is just something we felt you, the readers, may like to know about; especially considering the nature of this game.

Now, if someone asks you about the game EX Troopers, what do you think of? Well, chances are, nothing. Unless you are a die hard Capcom fan, who follows every bit of gaming news out there (or if you are a long time reader of ours), you most likely haven't heard of this game. It was a game that was never released outside of Japan due to the Japanese language being hard coded into the game, but anyone who followed the Mega Man Legends 3 project may want to look into it.

EX Troopers is a very unique game which will most likely never see the light of day outside of Japan. It is a spin off from Capcom's Lost Planet series; however it is not technically a "Lost Planet" game. Unlike the main series, which is a standard 3rd person shooter with a realistic take on its graphics, EX Troopes is an anime styled game which features very stylish cell shaded graphics, a very j-popish soundtrack, and has a higher focus on fast paced action than your standard shooting combat seen in Lost Planet. The game also features quite a few RPG elements, such as an open hub to explore and side missions, and weapon stats.

If you are a fan of anime styled games, action games, or 3rd person shooters, EX Troopers may be a game you want to check into; however, many people may be interested in it simply for another reason. This is the game where many of Mega Man Legend 3's assets went to. Although EX Troopers was being developed along side Legends 3, it is very clear that a lot of Legend's features made it into the game's final cut. Some of the movements/actions we saw in the Legends 3 beta can be seen in this game, the main character has dash/boost moves, melee combat similar to Legends 3's can be used if you'd rather get in close than fight at close range, the game has a very similar art style, the RPG elements are quite a lot like what was seen in Legends 3, and even some of the characters from Legends 3 made it into this one. In short, a lot of the systems and features which Capcom felt would work outside of Legends, made it into EX Troopers.

Now keep in mind that EX Troopers is in fact its own game. It is not related to Legends, it has its own play style, story, characters (for the most part), and world, so when you go into it you can't expect to be playing Legends. It is EX Troopers, but it just so happens to use a lot of the features originally intended for Legends 3.

For more information, check out the trailer below:

If you would like to pick up EX Troopers, head on over to the Amazon page! Currently the game is going for $20; however, there are sellers which have it up for less.

Currently we have a copy shipping our way as well, so don't forget to check back soon for a full review.

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