15 Tips for Online Hacking in Watch_Dogs

Are you struggling with online hacking in Watch_Dogs, or would you like to simply have an edge over your opponent? Well, the following are some tips on how you can gain the upper hand, hack your enemy, and get away clean.

What is Online Hacking:

Before we go into the tips, just what is Online Hacking? To put it simply, it is a mode where your goal is to hack someone without being spotted. You track them down, plant a virus in their cell phone, and them you have to avoid them until the upload is complete. If your enemy spots you and profiles you with their phone (which is as simple as pointing a phone at someone and tagging them), then you must escape with your life by any means necessary. While it may seem like a simple mode, it does require quite a lot of strategy, on both ends, and it can be quite addicting. So, with that being said, let us move on.

Trail your enemy until you've found the perfect spot:

When you first enter an Online Hacking match you have around four minutes to actually start the hack. Before you do this though, make sure you are in an area which is "perfect" for you. The moment you start the hack, the gameplay area will be set, and you will not be able to leave that set radius. Large open areas, highways, open fields, and wooded areas offer little to no cover and should be avoided.

Use Waterways:

If you do find yourself stuck on a highway with nothing around, head for the water. While this is just one of your options, it may be your best bet. Typically if you start hacking on a roadway, the other person will start to search the other cars. Most people will think that you are trying to hide in the traffic, and they won't even consider the possibility that you might have risked your life by jumping over the ledge. Most waterways have something you can grab onto to pull yourself up, which can then be used for your advantage. Simply pull yourself up, be in a position where you can see your target, and begin the hack. (If you begin the hack before, the target will be alerted to you jumping in the water.) If you need to escape, this is a great way to get away as well; as you are harder to see while swimming (especially when its dark).

Act like an NPC while Driving:

Obey the laws of the road when you are hiding in a car. Don't drive on the side walk, don't hit people, don't run things over, stop at stop signs, and do whatever you can to make it appear like you are an NPC. Just keep in mind that you do need to stay within the area, so when possible, change cars as you drive around. If the guy you are hacking notices the same car pass by, three, four, or ten times, there's a higher he/she will spot you. You can also park your car and "hide," but even this comes with risks. If they do find you, and your car is parked, it takes a few seconds to start it up and drive away. Within that time, they can easily shoot you.

Use structural columns and other tall objects:

Sometimes you'll find yourself in a building, or in an area which seems to have limited hiding places. While this may seem like a bad thing, it really isn't. Both you and your enemy know there are only so many places you can hide, and because of that your opponent is less likely to search a place more than once. By hiding behind tall objects, or structural columns in buildings, you can avoid enemy contact. Simply press up against the object, wait for the enemy to come close, and slowly circle around as they walk by you. If you time it right, you will be un-seen, and your target most likely will not return to the area again for quite some time. From their point of view, it was a dead end area with nowhere to hide. Little did they know you were just right around the corner. On top of that, if they do see you, there's always the chance they'll just think you are some scared NPC. Especially if someone had just caused chaos in the streets and sent them running.

Lead enemies away from you:

Just because you are hiding in one spot, doesn't mean you can't control what happens on the opposite side of the map. By using cameras, and other devices, you can distract your target. If you hide in one area, use cameras, and then disable street lights or cause explosions, you will trick the target into thinking you are near by. They will search the area, and most of the time not even consider that it was a trick.

Use gunfire when needed:

In Online Hacking the hacker wants to avoid shooting, but sometimes it can be very helpful. Shooting in the streets will cause panic which will allow you to run without being noticed, shooting near your target can cause confusion for them as long as you are a safe distance away, and if you are spotted, shooting towards the enemy can help you get away. Once again, the goal is to NOT kill your target, but if they think you don't care, you could send them running for cover instead. It isn't ideal, but sometimes you are left with no choice. If you do hit them though, just make sure it's not in a vital area.

Hide on the outside of the area if possible:

This one comes down to luck, but it is very useful when it happens. At times the hacking area will form with the boundary just past the corner of a building, or some other object you can hide behind. If this is the case, you can press up against that building, stay out of sight, and be just inches away from the boundary. The other player will realize the boundary is where that building is, and most of the time they won't even bother checking around the corner. They'll just assume there is no chance of you pressing up against it just within the boundaries. Once again you can only do this if you're lucky enough, but it does work with more than just buildings. Anything that sticks up can be used.

Hide in something:

Allover the city you'll find things you can hide in, and often they are the last place someone will look. Simply jump inside, for example, something like a truck bed, press yourself up against the inside wall, and circle around the inside along with your target as they run around the outside. It is a simple trick, but it works amazingly well. Just make sure you are ready to run if you do get spotted.

Plan your escape:

Before you even pick an area as your hiding place, look around and plan your escape. Look for any ledges you can jump down, any parked cars you can take, and any explosive objects you can hack. If someone gets too close, try setting off anything that would distract the target, and if you have to, make a run for it. Jump over that ledge, get in that car, run behind that building, or do whatever else you can think of to get away. The distraction may buy you time, but if your target decides to turn around and continue heading your way, you have to run. That is, unless you can use one of the tips above to stay hidden; such as, circling around a tall object. If you do get spotted though, and profiled, you have no choice.

Avoid bikes unless you are escaping:

While great for escaping, don't use a bike to trail your opponent. You can easily be spotted, and easily shot. When escaping on the other hand, that is a different story. Bikes are smaller, they can easily dodge traffic, go where cars can't, and they are also much faster. It's not hard to leave someone in the dust when on a bike.

Use cars for more than just driving:

Can't find something to hide behind? Hide and circle around a car! Cars make great cover, and if you are spotted, you can instantly jump inside. Now cars will be a bit more open areas than other possible hiding spots, but they make a great alternative if there's nothing else around.You could also cause a traffic jam and hide behind a group of cars by jumping from car to car as your target searches each one.It is a bit riskier, but very effective.

Use IEDs if you just don't care:

Want a distraction? Plant an IED and make a run for it. While it is the evil way to do things, the explosion will draw attention away from you. When you're safely across the map, someone will run over it, the explosion will alert your target leading them to the wrong location, and you can go into hiding. It'll hurt innocent people, or possibly even kill your target, but sometimes it is a risk worth taking.

If you rather walk than wait, never stop:

You don't have to hide in one spot, you can move if you want. If you get bored just waiting around, never stop moving. As mentioned above, shoot a gun and run with the NPCs, walk with a group, or stand next to someone for a bit and then move on. The trick is to always stay to your target's back, and to walk where the target has already searched. They will come back around for a second or third sweep, but not until they've searched everywhere they haven't.

Hide high but stay low:

Being on top of a building can both be a good thing and a bad thing. On the plus side, you can see almost everything. You can watch where your target is, and you can duck behind objects to prevent them form seeing you. It is a great place to be. However, you can be trapped up there. If your target decides to search the roof, you will see them coming, and you will need to make an escape. Before hiding on a roof do a quick sweep of the area. Look for any ledges you could safely jump down, and look for anything you can hide behind to use the circle trick mentioned above. If there's nothing around, and you can't get down, try to create a distraction on the streets below to lead your pursuer away. If this doesn't work, you may just have to take a stand, and hope for the best.

Avoid the train:

The train isn't your friend in Online Hacking. If you stop the train, your target will know you did it, if you get on the train you'll leave the area, and if you get trapped on the train, you are a goner. In this case, it is only good for escaping once you've been spotted, but even that can be a risk. If your enemy sees you get on, they can just as easily stop it, and take you down.

Well that's about it! Although there are many ways you can go about hacking someone, a lot of the fun comes from you figuring out your own strategies. Finding a hiding place, planning an escape route, and using everything around you to your advantage can be quite the rush, and nothing feels more rewarding than seeing your plan succeed. Hopefully you'll be able to use the tips listed above to your advantage, but also don't forget to do your own thing. Tips are meant to help you, so don't be scared to play around with them, and have fun. (As for you poor targets out there, well... Now you know our secrets.)

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