Titanfall 2 to come to PS4 as well as Xbox One, says Report

E3 is getting ready to go in a big way today. Everywhere you look, people are chatting about the event, and speculations are running wild.

The Wall Street Journal released a report discussing whether or not Microsoft is losing customers to Sony, and mentioned that the very successful Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC game Titanfall, already has a sequel in the "planning stages", and that not only will it come out on the Xbox One, but also will be released on the PS4. The source the WSJ cites is an unnamed person close to the game's development, with EA naturaly declining to comment.

If it's true, it would mean a big blow against Microsoft and their desire to obtain huge console exclusives. With Titanfall being a big draw on the Xbox One, having the sequel be on both the PS4 and Xbox One would cost Microsoft a lot of brownie points in the current battle against Sony. Hopefully, the development team or EA comments on the matter at some point during E3 this year.

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