Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Shown Off at Conference

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, the newest iteration of the CoD franchise, will have its DLC released first on Xbox systems first before any of the other consoles, as reported during the E3 press conference.

In addition, a lengthy gameplay demo was shown off on the conference floor. The gameplay trailer revealed several new things unknown to the gaming public at large before. Grenades are now universal, allowing you to cycle between Infrared tracking and fragmentation grenade, including a hover grenade that remains in the air over it's target before detonating.

The HUD is now on every gun, with holographic displays showing your maximum ammunition as well as the amount of ammunition in your current magazine. It's certainly stylish, though not exactly something new.

Finally, there was the news that all add-on DLC for the game will be released first on Xbox systems. This last bit of information seems to be standard with the Call of Duty franchise.

Overall, the game itself looks pretty, though as Watch_Dogs has shown us, quality during a showcase, and the final quality, can be substantially different.

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