Yoshi Yarn Resurfaces! Yoshi's Wooly World Announced for 2015 Release - Nintendo E3 2014

     After quite a long time, Good Feel steps forward and shows off some remarkable work on their previous Yarn Yoshi title, now dubbed "Yoshi's Wooly World". What once looked like a shameless clone of their previous game Kirby's Epic Yarn now looks to have fit very well into its own niche, resembling Yoshi's Story much more and presenting itself in a quirky and cute package.

     The developers at Good Feel put a lot of thought into Yoshi gameplay and seem to be focusing on a game more centered around exploration with Yoshi's abilities rather than straight platforming. Also, those of you who despise Epic Yarn for its low difficulty need not worry; it appears you can at least die in this game.

     I missed this game so much during its disappearance and was very afraid it would never return. After the disappointment that was Yoshi's New Island, I could really use a game like this.

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