Final Fantasy XIV Free Trial

For anyone who hasn't heard, Final Fantasy XIV now offers a free trial. Those who would like to try the game can head on over to to set up an account and gain instant access to the game for 14 days. Although, there are some limits.

While this free trial is the full game, with access to the main servers, a few restrictions have been put in place. Levels are capped at 20, you cannot trade with other players, the max amount of Gil (money) you can hold is capped at 20,000, the player shop system (market board) cannot be accessed, you cannot join a Free Company (a guild), you cannot make use of the party finder (although you can be invited to parties), and you cannot create your own LinkShell "Chat Channel, but once again, you can be invited to one.

Although these restrictions might hold you back by a lot, but in reality, they don't. You can still progress the story far enough to unlock a lot of the game's major features (including the ability to join a Grand Company and unlock mounts), and despite the level 20 cap, you can still class change to ALL of the game's classes, and level them all up to level 20 (if you really want to). The level cap is 20, but you can actually level 8 war/magic classes for a grand total of 160 levels, as well as 8 crafting classes, and 2 land classes. That's another 176 levels on top of the 160 war/magic classes for a grand total of 336. While this will prevent you from advancing farther in the story, there is still plenty for you to do. On another note, the full game's level cap is set at 50.

Those who play the free trial version of the game will have their character's saved on the server for 90 days. If you would like to keep your character (as in, you know you'll want to keep playing) you must buy the full version before that time is up. The game typically sells for $30 online, and comes with the first month for free. Afterwords you can pay a monthly subscription of either $12.99 for an entry level account (which simply means you are restricted to one character; which isn't that big of a deal considering each character can freely class change), or $14.99 for a standard account. For those who know they're in for the long run, you can sub for 90 days at $13.99 a month, or for 180 days for $12.99 a month. It saves you a couple of bucks, but it does lock you into the contract.

For anyone who would like a chance to play with us here at NGR, feel free to check it out, and head on over to the Jenova server! In the mean time, check out this picture of Ben and Nick breaking the game! (Aren't glitches fun?)

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