Translation Errors

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to post something a little bit different. Rather than updating you guys on what's going on in the gaming world, or posting a review, I figured I'd share something from the brand new JRPG Ar Nosurge.

Now it's no surprise that sometimes there are translation errors in games. Whenever a game is brought over from Japan, the translation from Japanese to English (or any other language) isn't quite as clear cut as one might think. There's more than one way to translate what is being said, and because of that there are sometimes mistakes. This is just something most gamers have come to accept over the years, and it is rarely something worth noting. However, when you come across a mistake such as this--you can't help but laugh.

It's not everyday you see "young woman" get translated to "old man," but for some reason I was happy to see it. While it isn't the worst translation I've seen in a game released over the past few months (I believe the award for "most translation errors in a game" belongs to another game found on the Vita), it is one that completely caught me off guard, and made me smile at the same time.

So, now I ask you--what is the funniest mistake you've seen in a game? There's a lot of great games out there with funny mistakes, and we'd like to hear which ones are your favorite.

(I can personally think of a few others, but for now I'll just leave it at this.)

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