I Am Setsuna - Out Today!

Looking for a classic JRPG to play? Well you're in luck! Today is the release of Square's new title "I Am Setsuna." Set on an island covered in snow, the game tells the story of a young woman named Setsuna who has been chosen to sacrifice herself to quell the monsters that wreck havoc and cause chaos for all who live there. Players take control of a young mercenary who has been hired to escort Setsuna to the location that will become her grave, and hopefully save the island by doing so. According to Square the game's central theme is that of sadness, and it has been made in a way that will remind old school fans of "the good old days." Using the same type of  the active time battle system seen in the classic Chrono Trigger, I Am Setsuna can also be seen as sort of a spiritual successor to it. While the game itself is very different when it comes to it's story and setting, the heart that used to make these types of games great seems to still be there.

For anyone who's interested in checking it out, the game is up for download on Steam and PlayStation 4.

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