Uncovering Gaming Relcis from the Past

Today I had to finally sit down and do something I didn't want to, but had no other choice... Clean the basement. Long story short I need to have some work done on the house, and before it happens I need to clean out the basement -- a place where I pile stuff up, and tend to forget about it. Well what originally started out as a boring chore, became one of my greatest finds in quite some time. I uncovered things I had since thought were long lost, and things you rarely see to this day.

SNES and NES Games:

Originally I thought these were both stolen, and lost. Growing up as a kid I had a lot of NES games, and once I got a SNES my collection of it's games began to quickly grow as well. It's how I got my start gaming, and it's the reason I'm still here today. Well, these games were originally stored at my mom's work office (yes, the one that burned down...) so that I could play them over there, but suddenly then began to vanish. I wasn't able to find anything I wanted to play, and when we had to make the move out of that place I never expected to see them again. Welp, here they are! (At least some of them.) Not sure how it happened, but the games were boxed up, and ended up in my basement without me even knowing they were there. Sadly I'm still missing a handful of games, but maybe if I keep looking they'll be turning up as well.

Good old Nintendo Power:

Now I've kept all of my Nintendo Power from all the years I subbed, but apparently I was missing some. Digging through one of the boxes brought me face to face with some of the "newer" older issues I had. They cover GBA, and DS games, and strangely enough the issues are actually relevant to me today. You see I'm currently in the process of getting a hold of the Super Robot Wars games (mainly because Moon Dwellers is on it's way), and one of the issues I found just so happens to cover the very first OG released on the GBA! On top of that these issues also cover other great games I've been meaning to get around to playing at some point, but just haven't had the time to get/find them.

Lots of GB, GBC, and GBA Boxes:

Can't believe I even kept these. Back in the day when game boxes were just game boxes, you would run out of the store, sit in the back seat of the car, rip the game's instruction book out, read it, and if you had your handheld device with you you would play the game. As for the box? Who knows what ever happened to it. These things were thrown away all the time, and it wasn't very often that they would actually be saved. So imagine my surprise when I come across games such as Kirby Tilt N Tumble, Yoshi Topsy Turvy, Mega Man Battle Network, and many others from back in the day! Complete with the instruction books, and all of the plastic protection and what not still inside of the box, these things are in great condition and look as if they still belong sitting on the shelf at the local Wal-Mart.


With the Pokemon Go crazy still going strong, there's currently a lot of people in the world out there hunting them. Well, I just found the motherload. Nearly all of my Pokemon toys from years past are still in perfect to okay condition, and I've just uncovered even more. Giant starter figures, bouncy ball Pokemon, stuffed toys, battle arena with figures that fight each other and save their progress/stats (did
you guys really think Skylanders was the first to do this in games?), and much much more. My basement is apparently filled with Pokemon, and even some other gaming related figures that I had completely forgot about. Sonic Adventure figures from the 90s anyone?

Of course I'm still not done, so who knows what else is down there, but I have found quite a few other video game related things as well. I came across a few "virtual reality" snow boarding games and what not (which of course were just little Tiger Toy like things that strapped to your head with a snowboard you stood on), some Atari Flash Backs, and old movie rental boxes I got from buying used games and games from movie rental places. Although a lot of this stuff may be considered junk, it's still nice actually being able to see it all again in a world where these sort of things no longer exist. It's a blast from the past, and I hope to keep looking for even more stuff as the day goes on.

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