Sunday, January 29, 2017

Items to get in Final Fantasy XV's Moogle Chocobo Event (Before it's too Late!)

The Moogle Chocobo event is currently happening in Final Fantasy XV, and it will be ending on 2/19/2017. This means everyone only has a few weeks to get, and see, everything there is in this event! So before that time comes, I figured I'd go ahead and share a few key things about this event, that you most likely wont want to miss out on.

 1. The Egg. While no one knows what this thing does, the egg is the main item to get from this event. To do so all you have to do is get 50 tokens from doing side quests and mini games, and then buy the special hotel ticket to watch the fireworks. Once you buy it you can simply walk into the inn, talk to the guy behind the counter, and watch the fireworks begin. You can also take some pictures while the show is going on, but once everything is said and done you will be rewarded with the egg.

2. New food! For this one all you have to do is walk into the Square-Enix cafe (located towards the northern end of the map), and ask to be served both meals they offer. One will help with fishing, and the other will help with your chocobo's stamina, and both cannot be obtained normally in the main game. Might as well get them while you can.

3. Chocobo medals. There are two special chocobo race tracks for you to gold medal to get a medal to put on your chocobo. While this doesn't do anything, you may still want to get them before it is too late.

4. New car paint. With this one all you have to do is buy it for 30 medals (so you'll need a grand total of 80 for both this and the hotel pass), and then you'll be able to change your car's paint to a moogle chocobo themed one.

Extra. Besides these three things, there is also new fishing equipment you can get, but this isn't exactly key. Unless you really want to collect everything, the fishing equipment you find here isn't something you'll be wanting to use in the main game (as there are much better things out there).

You can also buy rare crafting items if you wish to farm tokens, but it's really best that you get the missable items before you start buying things you can get from the main game. As for the event itself, there's quite a lot to see and do around the town, so expect to spend some time on this event -- possibly a few hours if you want it all. While Square-Enix hasn't said anything about the future of this event, it is mentioned in the game that it's something that only happens once a year. So, does this mean anyone who misses it will get another chance in 2018? Possibly, but it's still better to be safe than sorry.

Have fun everyone!