Thursday, February 2, 2017

Fire Emblem Heroes Out Today!

It's finally here. After announcing it a couple of weeks ago, Nintendo's second mobile game Fire Emblem Heroes launches on both iOS and Android today. As the name suggests, Heroes is a mobile free to play game where you summon different characters from the Fire Emblem series, and battle it out against multiple enemies with classic tactical role playing action.

Like other games of this nature, by either spending real cash or by progressing through the story, you'll be able to earn special stones that you can spend to summon heroes at random. Each hero will have it's own star ranking (which controls the unit's max power) and stats, and will also be grouped under different classes. Once you have a party of four characters, you can then undergo classic styled Fire Emblem missions and fight enemies to increase your party's strength.

Although Fire Emblem Heroes is not the first of it's kind (as it is a "gacha" game), it is Nintendo's first game of this style. Last year Nintendo did release a mobile platforming/runner type game called "Mario Run," but it was more similar to their previous games like Yoshi Touch N Go than your typical mobile game. With FE however, Nintendo has fully embraced the mobile market, and they have created a game fans could be playing for many years to come. It's a never ending title filled with loads fan service, and it's always with you right in the palm of your hand.