My Beginnings - New Blog Series

With NGR turning 6, I also wanted to take the time to announce a brand new blog series. Although I have already started quite a few, such as "Ben's Gaming Memories," or "The Platinum Log," that allow me to talk about gaming related memories of my past -- there are still so many games out there that I never really have a reason to bring up. So, that's where this new series comes into play.

"My Beginnings" (yes, I spent a whole 10 seconds coming up with the name) is a new series where I'll be looking back at my different firsts in gaming. My first platforming game, my first shooter, my first RPG, and so on. I'll be taking these different genres and breaking them down into different sub gernes (example: first 2D platformer and first 3D platformer), so this will not be a short lived series with only a small list, but rather something that can last for quite some time. As for the games that will be included in each post, I'll be setting limits on what I can or cannot talk about as well. Although my first racing game may have been some random arcade game I played as a kid, I will not consider that as my true "first" racing game... First arcade racer sure, but not my first racer.

Besides just sharing my memories though, I'd also like to ask each and every one of you to look back at your firsts as well, and even share them in the comments if you'd like. NGR runs off of Google +, so as long as you have a Google account of any kind (including YouTube), you can easily share your own stories below.

Well, hope to see you all again soon!

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