Nier Automata DLC Out May 2nd!

Nier Automata is really a special game. Taking place far into the future of the dark Drakengard/Nier series, Automata is a game that not only haunts us with it's amazing soundtrack, but it's complex deep story also makes us question why we are here -- and the gameplay is top notch as well. That being said when the roughly 50 hours comes to an end, many fans are left wanting more. Thankfully, that more is now coming!

Square-Enix announced today that the brand new DLC will be out next week on May 2nd. While most of this DLC is purely cosmetic (Kaine, Young Nier, and Young Adult Nier costumes for the main characters, as well as the ability to change hair color), a new arena boss battle mode is being added as well. Along with these new challenges, you will also be able to fight both the CEO of Square-Enix (Yosuke Matsuda) and the CEO of Platinum Games (Kenichi Sato) as a sort of joke boss fight. This is similar to the joke fight seen in the fan disk Final Fantasy XV demo, and it's actually pretty cool to see it appear in multiple Square games.

With that being said, if you haven't checked out Nier Automata yet... Then what are you waiting for!? As for those of you who are already fans, then this addition to the game may give you even more of a reason to return.

Update: As another bonus, those who play Gravity Rush 2 will also be getting a brand new free 2B outfit for Kat. This new DLC will be released on May 5th.

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