Unexpected Game - Night Trap Returns!

Out of all the games released over the past generations, which ones would you say deserve a port to current consoles? Would your list include Night Trap? No? Well, too bad! You're getting it!

The SEGA CD was an add on for the original SEGA Genesis, and at this point it is known very well for it's infamous exclusives. While many may only recall the classic "Sonic CD" (and for good reason), others had the pleasure to experience all the add on had to offer -- in the form of "full motion video" games. One such game, was Night Trap.

Following a group of women locked up in a house, Night Trap asked players to switch between cameras in different rooms to watch the girls and keep them safe from the vampires trying to get in (by using different traps of course). The game used full motion video, around 90 minutes of it in total, and different videos played based on your actions. Like many other SEGA CD games that did this, Night Trap wasn't the best game on the market (far from it), but it did gain fame when it's content came into questioning. The game was seen as being violent and disturbing, and was eventually pulled from the shelves. This is one of the events that would help form the ESRB rating system, and the game would then go on to receive an M rating for it's rerelease.

Jumping ahead to today, and things are slightly different. The game is coming back for it's 25th anniversary on PS4 and Xbox One, with Limited Run Games announcing a physical copy as well. By today's standards the game now has a T rating, but a change in rating doesn't mean a change in game. Night Trap is, and always will be, that cheesy FMV SEGA CD game, and now all those who missed out on it's "greatness" the first time, will get a second chance to play it.

Bet you didn't see that one coming!

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