Nintendo Announces New Nintendo 2DS XL

Earlier today Nintendo officially announced the newest Nintendo 3DS model, or should I say, 2DS model. This new piece of hardware in the 3DS family is an enhanced version of the Nintendo 2DS. This means it's a console that is stronger than the original 3DS and 2DS models, with all of the features of the "New Nintendo 3DS" (including the ability to play exclusive games and use Amiibo without an add on), but without the ability to do 3D. As an XL system, the New 2DS also has larger screens than the previous Nintendo 2DS, and it sports a slick looking screen folding redesign that is more in line with the other models in the 3DS (and DS) family -- rather than the flat wedge shape of the original.

For a better look at the new handheld, check out the official trailer below:

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