Destiny 2 - Official Game Trailer and Info

Miss the Destiny 2 announcement? Well don't worry, the official trailer is now live, and you can check it out below!

Although we still don't know a whole lot about Destiny 2 (of course they're not going to spoil the wole game), Bungie did have some new info to share with us along with the trailers. Some key points include:

  • The PC version will be releasing on Blizzard App (Battle Net) and will make full use of it's features. This includes the ability to talk with friends across multiple Blizzard games from within the game, as well as use their other social features. Of course this also means your Blizzard wallet will be used for the game as well, so it'll be easier for those of you who already play Blizzard games to buy Destiny related content.
  • Clans will be included in game this time!
  • Weapons are no longer locked to specific slots, allowing you to take multiple of the same "type" of weapon with you to freely switch to.
  • PvP is being revamped to include 4v4 modes across all game modes, and will be more competitive.
  • New locations! Now this one is a given, but it's good to hear either way.
For more information, as always, here's the trailer!

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