Custom Characters come to Sonic Forces!

A little bit of shocking news was announced today by SEGA, and it's something that no one could have ever seen coming. It turns out that the so called "3rd character" for the upcoming game "Sonic Forces" isn't a standard character at all, but instead it's your OWN character! Yes, that's right, Sonic Forces will have custom characters! Although this isn't the first time a Sonic game has allowed you to customize a character (looking at you Sonic Battle), this is the first time to give us a truly unique character for each player. Although not too much is known about the system, what has been said is that we can choose from multiple animal types (each with their own abilities), we'll be able to change things such as their fur (or feather) color, and there will be many different types of clothing and accessories to equip to give them a unique look. These characters will also be able to use new items and equipment during gameplay, and in some ways seems to resemble ideas that were seen in games like Sonic Unleashed, and even the doomed Sonic Boom. These gameplay elements seem more action and combat focused than the Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic sections of the game, but it's still too early to tell just how this will play out.

For more information, check out the official trailer below:

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