The PlayStation Aim Controller

The next major PlayStation VR release will be here in just a few short days, and Sony has released a video showing off one of the major new additions the game brings with it -- the PlayStation Aim Controller. Although this isn't the first time Sony has released a gun like controller for a Sony console, this is the first time they've created one that was designed to be a full controller for multiple games to use, and not just some plastic shell to stick a Move controller into (looking at you PS3). So, what does this mean exactly? Well the PS Aim Controller is in fact a full on PS4 controller. It has an analog stick and D-Pad in the front for your left hand (or right hand if that's what you prefer), a right analog stick and the four face buttons at the front of the controller, a physical trigger for shooting, and the other L and R buttons tucked away in an easy to reach spot as well. It has every button needed for a first person shooter, and it has the PS Move tracking ball in the front to simulate 1:1 gun movement in game.

Although this controller is launching with Farpoint, it's something that was made to be used for everything shooting in PSVR. The tech is fully open source for other developers to make use of it, and quite a few others already have began adopting the technology. Some existing games will be receiving updates to allow the use of it, while other new upcoming ones have already announced that they'd be using it as well. It really is a great add on for PSVR, and is sure to be a much better control system than the current twin Move controller set up other games are using -- as the Move controllers do not even have analog sticks.

For more information, check out the official PS Aim Controller video below:

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