Tuesday, October 9, 2018

"NieR: Automata - Long Story Short" Out Today

Are you a fan of NieR: Automata? Are you sad that the game is over? Do you want to know more about the game's world? (Or any combination of these three?) Well you're in luck! Today is the English release date of "NieR: Automata - Long Story Short," the first of multiple novels set within the Nier: Automata universe. Now anyone who is a fan of the series may already know that NieR and Drakengard both have been expanded outside of their original games, but usually everything besides the games remain Japanese exclusive. With the exception of the Drakengard 3 short stories (which could be read on the website), rarely have we seen the extra content be translated! So it's actually a bit shocking that VIZ would pick up the NieR: Automata novels. But never the less, it's the good kind of shocking! So, what is it exactly? Well..

Long Story Short is a novel version of Automata that expands the story in new ways. While the book's contents are basically the "same" as what you see in the game, new details are introduced to the plot, as well as new characters who play a key role in the overall story. It's basically an expanded version of the story that is only meant to be read after finishing the original game. While it isn't completely new content, it does give new insight, and helps answer some key questions left over from the main game -- something many fans have been looking forward to.

On top of Long Story Short, Short Story Long will be releasing within the next few months as well. This novel will be a collection of short stories that expand the NieR universe even further, and they will take part during different periods of time. Of course saying too much about that novel's contents would be considered a spoiler, so I'll just leave it at that.

Anyway... If you're a fan of NieR, then both of the novels may be worth checking out. They're roughly only $10 each, so they are pretty easy to get your hands on if you're interested. Personally my copy arrived today, but I'm really debating getting it digitally as well. As a huge fan myself, it's something I'd like to keep with me to read anywhere, but nothing beats a hard copy.