SoulCalibur VI is out and 2B is on her way!

Both good and bad news for fans. 2B from Nier Automata is officially being added to the game! How could this be bad news you might ask? Well that's because online is currently flooded with custom 2B characters, and this means their work was (mostly) wasted. Even so, I'm sure even those who lost time making their 2B will be happy to see the real thing being added instead. Along with this addition comes her new fighting style for the character creator, a Kaine (from the original Nier) costume, and some other extras like an Emile head attachment, and even a new stage to play in. While no release date was given for when she'll be added, a "coming soon" message was at the end of the new trailer. You can check it out for yourself below:

On another note, although we might've lost our custom 2B characters, at least this makes making a custom A2 much easier!

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