MediaMoleclue Recreates LittleBigPlanet in Dreams

This is something interesting I came across. In honor of LittleBigPlanet's 10th birthday, the original developers behind the series decided to do something special. Using their brand new Dreams game, they actually recreated some levels from LBP itself! Although there's actually quite a bit more to it than that. While LBP was a 2.5D platforming game with a level editor and logic chips to create your own games, Dreams takes this all a step further and is nearly a full on game engine. It's a game that allows you to shape and mold the world as you like, and design and code your own features and mechanics. This is how they recreated LBP as well. Rather than using a simple level editor, everything was built from the ground up. The character models, the physics, the menus... Everything! It's truly an impressive tool, and the fact that it supports PlayStation VR only makes it even better.

But anyway, enough of that. Check out the video for yourself! (Or videos.) The first one is a little trailer for what they created, while the second is a full walk through with the dev team showing off what they exactly did. Skip to around the 25:00 mark in that one if you'd like to see the logic side of things.

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