Daemon X Machina Adding Lancelot from Code Geass

A few months ago the Armored Core like mecha game Daemon X Machina released on the Switch. Since then the developers have announced that they would continue supporting the game with free updates, including a series of collaboration updates. The first of these was Eureka Seven, and now the second will be on it's way soon!

Yesterday Marvelous uploaded a video (which can be seen below) of the next crossover DLC, and it is none other than Code Geass! It's not too surprising that CG would be chosen to be in a mecha game, but it is shocking just how much exposure the series is now getting. It's original anime ended over 10 years ago, but since it's sequel movie aired earlier this year it's been popping up in quite a few places. That being said, although only the Lancelot and Suzaku outfit are being added, they are both still a very much welcome addition to the game. (And free.) For more information check out the trailer below. Sadly a US release date has not yet been announced, but we'll stay posted.

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