PS4 Remote Play Now Supported on Multiple Devices

Here's something that gets overlooked a lot. While it's not actually "new" Sony did release a video informing us about it yesterday (they're late), so I figured I might as well share the news with the world.

If you have a Windows PC, Mac, or any device that runs iOS or Android, you can now connect your PS4 controller to said device and use it to stream your PS4 games. Yep, the feature that was originally a selling point for the Vita, is now on pretty much any other device you might own, and honestly, it's a really nice feature! While not everyone may see a use for this, remote play lets you take your home console games with you wherever you have wifi. Simply leave your console in it's rest mode, and with a click of a button you can connect and play. Now the down side to this is you do need to have a stable connection, but even if you have poor upload speed at home, it's still usually enough. I've personally tested this on a less than 1 Mbps upload speed connection, and I had no issues with it. Maybe some random frame drops, but nothing deal breaking. (Heck it was good enough to play through games like Nioh when it came out).

That being said, I personally love this feature. It's allowed me to play games like Persona 5 on my Vita where I played Persona 2-4, and it's perfect for visual novels that have since abandoned the system for home consoles instead. Remote playing to PC also has it's uses as it makes it easier to multitask, and even allows you to get around screen shot blocks that some developers have placed on their games. It's just a convenient feature -- especially if your console is in another room.

So yeah, if you're one of the people who have never looked into this, why not at least try it out? As for Sony's video, you can check it out below:

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