Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is $1 for 3 Months

Here's some good news for you Xbox and PC fans! For a limited time the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is just $1 for 3 months! This is a pretty good deal considering a 3 months typically runs around $45. So what does this all include?

  • Xbox Live Gold - While this isn't that big of a help for PC players, Gold is required to play online on Xbox One and Xbox 360. This isn't anything new, but it being bundled with the Game Pass is.
  • Access to hundreds of games for free - Think of it like a video streaming service but for video games. (And downloaded ones at that.) The library is constantly changing with many of today's popular games filling the current roster.
  • Xbox exclusives on day one - Now you don't get to keep these forever, but it lets you try out new Xbox games before you buy them.
  • And finally discounts - Basically you get special deals on the online store. What else needs to be said?
 So yeah, if you've been thinking about getting the Game Pass, why not try it out now? It couldn't hurt.

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