Fire Emblem News - 1/16/2020

I know this is old news at this point, but you know... Work and all. Anyway today Nintendo had a few Fire Emblem announcements ready for us, with the first being one for Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Yep as you might have already guessed (or heard), Byleth is being added! Now I'm sure some of you are already going "who the heck is Byleth" so let me explain who "they" are.

To put it simply, Byleth is the player's avatar in the Fire Emblem Three Houses. When you start the game you are asked to pick between the Male and Female versions of Byleth, and you then spend the rest of the game playing as him (or her). Unlike Robin and Corrin before him, Byleth is a silent protagonist who's personality you shape for yourself. While they do play a major role in the story, their role is mostly spent as a teacher to the "real" main characters -- which are grouped into three separate story paths. Of course there is more too Byleth's story, but that's all you really need to know if you are unfamiliar with this character.

That being said, Sakurai has once again released a full video detailing Byleth, which can be checked out below:

In other Fire Emblem related news, the Three Houses expansion details have been released! Since the game came out we knew it would be supported with multiple DLC packs, but what these packs would be remained mostly secret. So for the past half a year we've been getting these updates in chunks, and now we are finally getting the game's "major" expansion -- a side story called "Cindered Shadows." Now not much is currently known about this, but the story follows a "forth" secret house that has abandoned the surface world and is now living deep underground. This expansion sees you taking this group of students under your wing, and uncovering both their story and the story of the secret world they live in. That being said how long this expansion will be is still unknown, but it will be coming out on 2/12/2020 so it won't be long before we learn more. For more information check out it's trailer as well:

And that about covers it! There's a lot to watch today, but it's all great news if you're a fan of Three Houses.

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