Animal Crossing New Horizons - All Ground Types

One new feature that was advertised early on for ACNH was the ability to change your ground and create paths; however this feature actually isn't unlocked until later in the game. It's not until after you've finished the Island Milestones that this feature is available to you so it makes it hard to plan out your island before then. Well for those of you who are wondering exactly what these paths look like, well then this is the place for you! Below is an image of each type in the game. Of course it's mostly ground tiles from past AC games, but there are a few new ones here.

Also keep in mind that while the first two (Grass and Dirt) are in fact free, all of the others cost 2,000 Nook Miles to unlock.

Dirt Path

Stone Path

Brick Path

 Dark Dirt Path

Arched Tile Path

Sand Path

Terra-Cotta Tiles

Wooden Path

And finally is the custom tile option. This is the same as opening up your patterns and laying them out by hand, but by using the tool you don't have to open your menu each time to place a new tile. Simply set the custom pattern you want to use, and then walk around with the paint brush to slap it on the ground. This doesn't do anything special for them however, so you can still erase them by pressing Y if you're not careful (meanwhile this is not the case for other placed paths thankfully).

Well that covers it for now! Hopefully more options get added in the future, but even if they don't the custom patterns offer nearly unlimited possibilities to make your island your own. Still nice to have official paths though.
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