Animal Crossing New Horizons Bell Trick - Let's Force Some Tarantula!

In Animal Crossing New Horizons Nook offers a service where you can go to a mystery island to gather resources. Sometimes when you arrive at these islands they won't be anything too special, maybe some bugs, fish, and flowers to pick up, but that's about it. However if you are lucky you can land at one of the unique islands in the game which force special conditions. Islands filled with rocks that drop nothing but Bells, rare fish islands, and even an island filled with Tarantula. 

These are all great ways to make money in the game, but again it's pretty random. But what if I told you it doesn't have to be? Or rather, what if I told you that you could force some things? Well today I'm going to share a tip with you that's similar to the "Bug Island" of Animal Crossing New Leaf, but this time with Tarantula. It's a tip that's been going around online for awhile now, but I figured I'd share it with you guys just in case you haven't heard.

So to do this trick you need a few things. You need to bring some bug nets (or be able to buy nets at the island), you need a REAL axe, and you need some shovels. Also the most important step of all, it needs to be night. Tarantulas only spawn after the sun sets, so no use going in before then. Now once this is taken care of, empty your pockets of everything non essential, and head off to that mystery island.


  • Shovels
  • Axe (to cut down trees)
  • Bug Nets
  • Must be night

The Process:

Step 1 Remove the Trees -

First thing you should do is get to work cutting down all the trees and removing the stumps. This will prevent bugs from spawning in the trees, and keep them from appearing on the stumps after. This is actually what was used in ACNL to cause the beetles to appear, but this time we don't care about that. Get rid of all stumps and then move on.

Step 2 Pick the Flowers -

For this step you don't need to actually get rid of the flowers (they take up a lot of inventory space), but instead just pick the buds off of them. As long as the flowers aren't in bloom they won't attract other bugs to them. This is key as we want to eliminate as many spawn points as possible while using the least amount of inventory space.

Step 3 Dump the Trash -

Once you have picked your island clean of trees, flowers, weeds, whatever, go dump everything somewhere out of the way. You don't need any of this stuff taking up room in your inventory so where you drop it really doesn't matter. Just get rid of it. Personally I drop my trash around the edges of the beach to help prevent Hermit Crabs from spawning. They aren't that big of a deal though -- just chase them off too.

Step 4 Look for Tarantulas -

And that's about it! With tree and flower spawns removed the only thing left to find will be ground bugs. This can include other creatures as well, but simply running by them will scare them off and cause something else to spawn in it's place. Keep scaring off the random bugs, and go catch the tarantulas.

(They start spawning at 7, but you can always be ready for them.)

Step 5 Make Money -

Once you have a full inventory of tarantulas it's finally time to go home. Sold normally they go for 8,000 Bells each, but you can sell them to the bug guy Flick if he's at your island for 50% more. Sadly you can't sell bugs to him if he's at a friend's island instead, so no asking others for help on this one.

And that's about it! It's actually a lot of work to get this set up and is something you need to do each time (as islands reset once you leave them), but the pay off is well worth it. Assuming you can fill 39 slots of your inventory with these things you can actually come back home to 312,000 Bells. Minus possibly a few thousand for the things you need for set up, and you should still get at least 300k in profits. Well worth the time an effort if you ask me.
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