Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Robotic;Notes Double Pack Announced!

This isn't one I ever saw coming. Awhile back when Spike Chunsoft acquired the rights to start publishing the Science Adventure series in the west, they began with a localization of Steins;Gate Elite -- a full remake of the original Steins;Gate which put the original game's script to the anime version's adaptation. This basically turned the original 10ish hour long anime into a full 50 hour series without cutting content. It was great to see this get localized, but the question still remained... What about the rest? There were multiple S;G spin offs and fan discs that didn't get released outside of Japan, and there were other mainline Science Adventure games that have been ignored as well. Well, thankfully one of the S;G spin offs did get released along side Steins;Gate Elite, and later on the announcement came about Robotic;Notes Elite.

Robotic;Notes was the 3rd main entry in the series (next in line after Steins;Gate), with it's Elite version being an enhanced release of that. The announcement was great news for fans of the series, but that was the last we had heard about the project. That is until today.

On their official website Spike Chunsoft officially announced not just a US release for R;N Elite, but a bundle that includes both it and it's brand new sequel "Robotic;Notes DaSH!" DaSH is actually the latest game to be released in the series as a whole, and is the game that features the return of Steins;Gate's Daru. Up until now Daru has taken a backseat since the events of Steins;Gate and has only been mentioned in passing, but now he's once again front and center (where he should be).

It's great to see that both games will be released together, but it's even better news to hear that these games will be coming out for PS4 and Switch October 13th! The games will also be brought to the PC as well as separate downloads.

With these games crossed off the list, that means out of the mainline games we are only missing the original Chaos;Head. Let's just hope that announcement is the next to come.