Animal Crossing New Horizons - Redd, Shrubs, and More

Earlier this week Nintendo Everything made a post detailing some of the non used features found in ACNH's data. Back then we didn't know exactly how long we would have to wait for such additions, but thankfully it turned out to not be very long! While not everything listed in the data mine has been added into the game, a large chunk has -- and it all begins today.

Museum Upgrade and Redd

The first part of the new update relates to the Museum and Redd. Originally paintings and sculptures, which have been a major part of Animal Crossing, were not included in the game. The Museum was only for fish, bugs, and dinosaur fossils, but with today's update artwork has finally been added back in. And of course we also now have a way to receive artwork!

Redd the scamming fox will now start docking at your island's secret base, and he'll begin walking around your island. If you talk to him he'll offer to sell you a painting, and if you continue buying from him he'll eventually invite you to board his ship to access his secret shop. This shop contains a few different items, but the real use of it is to buy new artwork for your Museum. However not everything Redd sells is legit, so you have to be careful about buying fake artwork. Inspect the stuff before you buy it to avoid getting scammed.

After donating your first piece of artwork to the Museum you'll be informed that the location will undergo an upgrade, so come back in a couple of days to see the new and improved art section for yourself.

Lief and the Return of Shrubs

With Earth Day starting today, Lief will now spawn in your town and offer some plants for you to buy. While some of these plants will actually be flowers not native to your town or your town's shop, the others are a verity of shrubs. Shrubs were originally in Animal Crossing New Leaf, but were not in New Horizons at launch. Many believed that they would be added in an update, and it turns out they were right!

Along with Lief, new plant related goals have been added to the Nook Mile system where you can earn extra points by planting shrubs, and doing other nature related activities like watering flowers. Shrubs are similar to trees and need to be buried to grow, and will change in appearance with the seasons.

Other Additions

Besides the Museum and flower update, a few other changes were made as well. Bell interest has been reduced from a max of 99,999 bells down to 9,999 instead, and players should've been sent a "world map" to hang on the wall of their house as well. Nothing major, but at least it's something. A wedding day event will also be coming later, but I'll be posting more on that as it arrives.

As for the other features listed in the initial data mine, we'll just have to wait and see when they get added. Hopefully sooner than later though.

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