The Last of Us Part II - Releasing June 19th 2020!

Today quite a few things happened with The Last of Us Part II. First of all we had a massive leak by a Naughty Dog employee who pretty much spoiled the entire game (so be warned people), but thankfully we also got to find out the new release date for the game -- June 19th! On top of this Sony also announced on their official blog that Ghost of Tsushima will release on July 17 as well.

I know the delay was a major let down for a lot of people, but for me it couldn't be any more perfect. Just like the Final Fantasy VII Remake delay (which I explained in a blog post awhile back), this delay too falls on the perfect day for me. You see 6/19/2020 will be my 29th birthday -- the day I was going to receive the game anyway. My parents originally bought me the first game back in 2013 for my 22nd birthday, and so this year they were going to get me Part II as well. Now the game is releasing on the exact date, so it works out pretty well for me! But still, delays are always a let down, but thankfully this one wasn't too far off.
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