Master Detective Archives: Rain Code Plus - Announcement Trailer


Master Detective Archives: Rain Code is now coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC! This game was originally a Nintendo Switch exclusive, and served as the first entry in the new series by the creator of Danganronpa. Like Danganronpa before it, Rain Code mixes classic adventure gameplay with a visual novel style, and follows the story of a young detective in training "Yuma Kokohead" who has forgotten everything. With the help of a "god of death," Yuma investigates multiple incidents with the hopes of getting to the bottom of what is really happening in the world. It's a game both newcomers and fans of Danganronpa don't want to miss.

For more information, check out the official trailer below.


Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE Plus is coming to PS5!

Enjoy a brand new dark fantasy detective action game from the minds behind the Danganronpa series!

"Plus" features:
- 4K compatibility & improved overall performance
- New gallery mode to enjoy cinematics and BGM
- 4 previously released DLC:
Ch. Desuhiko: Charisma Killed the Cat
Ch. Fubuki: Fubuki’s Luckiest Day
Ch. Halara: Raining Cats & Dog
Ch. Vivia: The Near-Death Detective + Ch. Yakou: Thank You, My Detective

Pre-order Bonus: Novel - "How to Be a Master Detective: A Halara Nightmare Case" While investigating a case, Halara is trapped by snow inside a mountain cabin alongside violent prisoners. Then an incomprehensible murder occurs...with no witnesses. In an extreme situation where doubt looms, the eye of a genius private detective will reveal the truth!


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