Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance - 50 New Features

Atlus has released a new "Complete Guide" trailer for the upcoming Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance, which not only goes over the game's core systems and discusses how the game has two distinct story modes, but also goes into a list of 50 changes that has been made to the game in general. It's a pretty substantial list that ranges from new gameplay features and elements, to tweaks that have been made to ensure this is in fact the best version of the game possible.

Below is a complete list of said changes, as officially stated.

The Changes:

  1.  Passive skills unique to each demon. Innate skills cover a wide range of possible outcomes, and may produce synergy, depending on the combination with other demons.

  2.  A special Magatsuhi Skill which is activated when certain demons work together. These powerful combination skills can offer a variety of effects, including attacks, support, and healing.

  3. Magatsuhi Demons are formidable opponents who will randomly appear as you explore the netherworld. Upon defeat you can obtain incense, which raises the stats of an allied demon.

  4. Magatsu Rails are connections between two points which allow for fast travel within Da'at. Activating one will not only create a shortcut to a specific location, but may also grant access to hidden areas that are normally unreachable.

  5. When certain conditions are met, the level limit can be raised to 150. Use in combination with stat-boosting incense to create the ultimate demon party.

  6. Bonus challenge content allowing you to battle a series of bosses you encountered during the game. Use your allied demons and tactical prowess to face the boss rush up to a maximum level of 999!

  7. In "Canon of Vengance," your human companions can fight alongside you as allies.

  8. If certain conditions are met, the Demi-fiend, King of Chaos, will join you as a guest character.

  9. Relaxation spot where you can interact with your demons, human guest characters, and Aogami. In addition to enjoying interaction with the demons through conversation and giving them gifts, you may also view them with the free camera function.

  10. A new addition in which enemy reinforcements appear during combat. This occurs when being chased by multiple enemies. If you manage to win, you will be rewarded with more experience and Macca than usual.

  11. New variants in Demon conversations include surprise quizzes and escaping with gifts. Enjoy even more amusing and challenging negotiations!

  12. Conversations where demons beg for mercy are now more likely to occur during battle. Additionally, a Miracle demanding incence from cornered demons has been added, improving the usefulness of such conversations.

  13. Added the ability to reshuffle the parameters of the protagonist by using the "New Testament Tablet."

  14. Added the "Dyad Compendium Fusion" function, which combines a demon in your possession with a demon saved in the Demon Compendium.

  15. Added a demon that can be created only by Fusion accidents Miracles that greatly increase the rate of combining accidents have also been added.

  16. Shinjuku Ward, a new location within the netherworld, has been added for "Canon of Vengeance." Shinjuku features many additional areas of exploration, including a dilapidated cityscape and an enormous park where nature still remains abundant.

  17. A new dungeon, Shakan, has also been added for "Canon of Vengeance." With unique architecture unlike any other location in Da'at and rotational devices designed to confuse intruders to this sacred space.

  18. An "Aogami-type Essence" can be obtained from the "Aogami Husks" scattered throughout the netherworld. These Essences will respawn after a peroid of time and can be obtained as often as you like.

  19. Previously there were portions of the map which could not be seen until an Abscesses was destroyed. This has been updated so now the map may always be viewed in full.

  20. Changed so that attacks from flying demons on the field must always take place within the frame.

  21. Extended the obtainable range of relics 2x.

  22. Adjusted the color coding of the map to make it easier to see the differences in elevation.

  23. The number of quest navigation demons that will journey alongside the Nahobino to find hidden treasures and other items has been greatly increased from 6 to 17.

  24. Updated demon navigators so that their movement is highlighted and a pillar of light emanates from their arrival point.

  25. Updated so that even after being detected by an enemy, you can still gain the initiative in battle by striking them from behind.

  26. Changed to allow some Miracles to be turned on or off at will.

  27. Changed so that the tutorial can be revisited at any time by opening the menu.

  28. Additional subquests have been added to enhance the gameplay. Along with defeating demons or collecting items, they feature quests where you take control of demons, or time-sensitive events.

  29. Changed so that quest destinations can be viewed by displaying a map from a list.

  30. The damage adjustment by level difference was changed to be more moderate compared to the previous version. Depending on tactics, it has been made easier to defeat stronger opponents.

  31. The "Auto-Attack/Auto-Skill" mode can be selected at the user's discretion when selecting Auto-Battle. Auto-Attack is a conventional battle mode utilizing standard attacks. Auto-Skill is a new mode in which players use their skills to attack their opponents' weak points during Auto-Battles.

  32. Change to allow adjustment of stick operation sensitivity and key assignments.

  33. Added the ability to adjust and change brightness, contrast, etc.

  34. The speed setting, which was only available for skip/double-speed, has been expanded to 4x.

  35. Changed so that when you hover over a demon, for example, you can tell if you already possess that demon's Essence.

  36. The ability to search for Essences by the skills you want is now available. Additionally, a mark has been added to an Essence that can be purchased in the store.

  37. Enhanced sorting functions, such as sorting by purchasable Essences, by reverse fusion, by ingredients, etc.

  38. Changed so that gift giving and learning skills, which happened only at normal level-up for demons, will now occur via Fusion level-up as well.

  39. Demon Compendium data can be "Original" or "Custom." Comparative display between custom data and original data is also now possible.

  40. Changed the specifications of Estoma, a skill to avoid enemy encounters. It is no longer affected by the new moon, and consumes Magatsuhi instead of MP. It can be turned on/off at any time after obtaining it.

  41. Added the ability to look around from above while exploring.

  42. Added the ability to place markers at desired locations.

  43. Added the ability for the camera to see through obstacles to prevent 3D sickness.

  44. Changed so that map icons can be turned on and off individually.

  45. Added option to rotate the mini-map to match the camera.

  46. Changed so that the recommended level of subquests can be found within the quest list.

  47. Changed so that status-enhancing items and other items can be used all at once.

  48. The level-up process, which used to take place after the battle, has been changed in this title so that it takes place immediately after the use of experience items.

  49. Saving can now be done anywhere, not just in leyline founts.

  50. Extreme difficulty mode that is unlocked after fulfilling certain conditions. When activated, the level of all enemy demons is raised to 150. Incense can be purchased with Macca.

For more information, and to see these new changes in action, check out the official trailer below!


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