PlayStation comes to Nintendo with LEGO Horizon Adventures

One of the more surprising announcements at this year's Summer Game Fest is the announcement of a brand new LEGO game. Now it's not uncommon for LEGO video games to be on their way; in fact, it would be even weirder if LEGO were to stop making games for some odd reason. Looking back as far as games like LEGO Island on the PC, the popular block building toy has had a presence within the gaming world for quite a long time. Not only that, there are many LEGO games based on existing IPs such as Batman, or Star Wars, but with the new announcement of "LEGO Horizon Adventures" things are a bit different. 

LEGO Horizon Adventures:

Based off of Guerrilla Game's Horizon series, this is the first time a LEGO game has been built off of a gaming IP! (Putting aside LEGO RockBand that is.) Not only that, Guerrilla Games is a first party PlayStation developer, and LEGO Horizon Adventures will be coming to the PlayStation 5, PC, and for the first time ever, the Nintendo Switch! While Horizon itself has already been released on the PC (along with other first party PlayStation titles), PlayStation has never released their games on a Nintendo Platform. While Guerrilla Games did develop some games for the Game Boy Color and Advance in the early 2000s, it was done while the studio was under a different name prior to partnering with PlayStation. 

Now with LEGO Horizon on it's way, it's hard to not ask the question... "What's next?" LEGO Horizon will introduce the series to a wider (and possibly younger) audience, as well as open the series up to a completely new market. Could other PlayStation series follow the same trend in the future? Could this game be the first building blocks to the bridge between the companies? Could other PlayStation IPs receive the same LEGO treatment? Really it's impossible to tell at this time, but it could be something to look forward to in the future.

As for the game itself; LEGO Horizon Adventures brings the world of Horizon to LEGO form. The game is an action adventure platformer, which allows you to customize your characters, fight enemies, solve puzzles, and destroy bricks as you make your way through a new platforming adventure. The game also features co-op, and will be releasing this Holiday, 2024.

About via the PlayStation Store:

Coming to PlayStation®5 consoles Holiday 2024.

In a far future, where giant mechanized beasts roam a landscape reclaimed by nature and humans live in primitive tribes, an ancient evil seeks to destroy the world…

Join hunter Aloy as she leads a colourful crew of heroes on a quest to save the meadows, forests, and mountains of Earth from a man called Helis, who leads a gang of sunworshippers that follow an Ancient Evil shrouded in mystery.

Dive into a thrilling adventure alone, or with friends with couch co-op or online play, customize your home in true LEGO style, and uncover stunning secrets from Aloy’s mysterious past along the way.



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