Riviera: The Promised Land Releases July 16th

The HD remaster of the "first" entry in the Dept. Heaven series is on it's way! Riviera: The Promised Land is expected to launch on July 16th, 2024 on Steam, and is the first time the game has been rereleased in the west since it's PSP version back in 2007.

Here's an overview of the game's content and new features via the Official Steam page.


You can enjoy the remastered version of "Riviera: The Promised Land", the first work in the Dept. Heaven Episodes series, on Steam!

Equipped with various additional convenient functions, the ease of play has been improved!
It's full of elements that will satisfy everyone from first-time players to experienced players! 

The Story:

At the behest of Hector, who is one of the Seven Magi, the Grim Angel Ein and his familiar, Rose, along with another Grim Angel named Ledah, all head to Riviera, an island floating in Asgard.

On the way, Ursula, the guardian of the Riviera, appears and is thwarted by the Grim Angels' intrusion. Ein, whose memories were sealed by Ursula's attack, wakes up in Elendia, where the spirits live...


Game Features:

  • Easy-to-operate field exploration!
  • A unique battle system where your skills are determined by the items you own!
  • Who are your close comrades? A favorability system that changes depending on your choices!
  • More than 90 illustrations to liven up events!


Remastered Content:

  • BGM change function with 5 types of sound sources!
  • Play mode with up to 5x speed!
  • Event skip function!
  • All illustrations are available in HD!
  • Reliable auto save function!
  • Ease of play greatly improved by difficulty level and mode selection!
  • Boost function that allows you to quickly learn skills!
  • Improved user-friendly interface!
  • Function to switch voices between Japanese and English!



Yggdra Union:

While Riviera: The Promised Land is episode one in the Dept. Heaven series, episode two "Yggdr Union" was released in July of 2023 as well. The game is available on Steam, as well as on the Nintendo Switch. 

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