Type-Moon's Tsukihime - A Piece of Blue Glass Moon is Out Now

Tsukihime - A Piece of Blue Glass Moon is Out Now on PlayStation 4, and on Nintendo Switch! This visual novel is a full modern remake of Tsukihime, which originally released exclusively in Japan back in 2000. The visual novel was the first game released by Type-Moon, and used themes and ideas that were originally established for the web novel "The Garden of Sinners" (which eventually received an anime movie series by Ufotable). 

Tsukihime would eventually be followed up by the fighting game series "Melty Blood," and would once again be followed up by Fate/Stay Night; thus kick starting the massive Fate series as part of the "Nasuverse."

Last year "Witch on the Holy Night" released (making it the first Type-Moon visual novel to be offiically translated outside of Japan) which serves as a prequel to the Tsukihime remake, and helps set the stage for this modern retelling/remake of this classic.

While the original Tsukihime was in fact an adult game, the remake is rated M in the US. It doesn't remove the violence or disturbing subject matter from the game, but the old "H-Scenes" are not in this game. Considering how popular this series as a whole has become it's not surprising such content was removed, but that doesn't mean the story is for the faint of heart. This is a mature visual novel, and one fans of the series shouldn't sleep on. (It's also a perfect starting point for newcomers.)

That being said, "A Piece of Blue Glass Moon" is actually the first entry in the remake project. The game contains some of the key routes from the original, while also adding completely new content to the mix. A follow up is planned, but it has not yet been released.

For more information, here's the overview from the PlayStation store.

Product Overview

Ah...just how beautiful the moon is tonight...

Gravely injured at a young age, Shiki Tohno was practically banished to a distant relative's home, where he lived a peaceful life until one day, news arrives of his father Makihisa's death.

Shiki returns home to find his sister Akiha, who has inherited their father's position, living with two maids. There, he begins a new chapter as the eldest son of the illustrious Tohno family, finding that a life of luxury doesn't sit right with him. As the days pass, familiar sights of the past awaken fragmented memories. Then, one day, he passes by a monster in the shape of a human...

Thus begins the celebrated story of TSUKIHIME, first created in 1999 as an indie visual novel. See the masterpiece reframed and retold after twenty long years!

Game Details

TSUKIHIME -A piece of blue glass moon- collects the two tales that make up the "Near Side of the Moon" portion of the original Tsukihime: Arcueid's scenario, "Moon Princess," and Ciel's scenario, "Midnight Rainbow."

Creator Kinoko Nasu has painstakingly disassembled and rebuilt the story, updating the setting to 2010s Tokyo and expanding the narrative. This reimagined presentation will exhilarate players with its hard-hitting tension and realism.

Featuring beautifully evolved visuals, animations, and music, TSUKIHIME -A piece of blue glass moon- presents a fresh take on TYPE-MOON's genre-defining classic.


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