Went on a Wild Goose Chase

Last week me and my family decided to take a vacation in a town in MO known as Branson (located close to the towns the Tornado hit last summer). Branson is pretty much a show town with a lot of different shows, and stores to go shopping in. Yeah, really I don't know what else to say about it! It's got Silver Dollar City, there's the Show Boat, Sight and Sound Theater, Ride the Ducks, and a lot of shows by famous people. (Ever watch the TV show Undercover Boss? Branson was covered.)

Anyway, after 10 + hours driving (yeah, long ways away), we finally arrived in Branson for our vacation. I guess it wasn't a bad vacation, but there really wasn't much to do other than shows, and it was a LONG LONG ways away from home (not as long as the people who drove from CA or FL though o_O). The thing is, I've been to Branson a few times in my life and every single time I've gone down there, I've bought some video game to remember the trip. Well, that didn't happen this time...

I was going to go ahead and buy a game called Radiant Historia, however finding a game store was next to impossible. On the way home we managed to find about 20 + stores that sold video games (including game stops), but NONE of them had the game I was looking for. I went in Walmarts, GameStops, and even Best Buy, the game was no where. I stopped at every single store I came across on that 10 + hour drive home, yet none of them had it... The game was no where.

By the time I got home I decided to check ONE final GameStop, the one closest to my house. Welp, they had it, but they shut the doors on me... Yeah, so very close to finally getting the game I traveled across the Country to find, but I couldn't get it because they locked the doors.

I guess I'll go down there later today to finally pick it up, but I cant help but think that this game will NOT be worth all the time I spent looking for it. Even so, it's apparently a very hard game to find, and I always like getting rare games. This game might be one of them games I'll have to get just to own it. (Hopefully worth it...)

If you have ever played this game/know anything about it, please let me know! Sure I've watched reviews over the game, but you can't always listen to them. It's much better to hear from someone who actually played it for the sake of playing it.

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