Sunday, April 29, 2012


Wow has it really been a year already? It's really hard to believe but here we are! Happy First Birthday Game Room! A lot has happened over the past year, and well, I just never expected things to turn out how they did.

Back then I remember seeing how the whole Capcom-Unity Blog and Group system was never really used. Sure from time to time a few fan groups popped up, but most of them never lasted or they were small groups dedicated to a set fan base. Well on that day, 4/29/11, I decided to try something completely new. To start a group to share news updates and post just about anything related to video games! Man that day is still very clear to me...

I remember it was the weekend that one of my second cousin's were coming down here for a visit, and I was actually looking forward to the weekend. At the same time I had finally finished Resident Evil 4, which ended up being one of my first blog posts, PSN was hacked by hackers, which happened on the same day I got Portal 2, and well, just a lot was going on. Either way everything just fell into place and since I was going to be away for the weekend, I figured it'd be a perfect time to start the group and work on it on my laptop. Everything just fell into place I guess.

Yeah I have to admit, I had NO plan what so ever back then, and I actually didn't think that I'd be able to last this long! However thanks to everyone here at Capcom-Unity, we made it! What started as a small group became a pretty good size video game blog, and I just wanted to thank all of you for helping it stay alive! Capcom-Unity truly does have a great community, and that's just why I really love it here!
Man things really have changed since last year... Heck I remember when I made my first few blog posts I was actually scared of what the staff members here would think. Would I offend them and get banned? What if this picture is too graphic (IT SHOWED A GUN!)? Am I ALLOWED to talk about Resident Evil in a non age restricted group? Is there a way to age restrict things? Really I had no idea what was going to happen, but here we are! So anyway, I would like to thank everyone for your support, and I'd also like to thank CheerfulJochan, servbot_stampede, and Claire as well! It really makes me happy to see that we were able to reach the goal I was originaly aiming for. A place where gamers can come together here on Capcom-Unity and just have fun! (Well minus my friends Merosia and Invincibob D=<. One dropped off the face of the Earth, again, while the other.... Hmmm I have no excuse for him! lol)

Anyway, thanks again and I hope to see you all again this time next year as well! With Summer Break just around the corner, the future is looking bright!