Bought Gravity Rush yesterday!

And well....... that's basically it. I bought it. The thing is I actually don't own a Vita as of right now, but I will be getting one either tonight or tomorrow. Since it's my birthday and my last "big" one tomorrow, my parents actually decided to get me a big present. I mean my family has always bought presents for each other/done something for each others birthday, but normally we just get each other something small lol.

So anyway I BOUGHT the game but I really wont be able to tell you guys what it is like until later. As I said before I originally planned on reviewing another game along side Metroid: Other M, but I think I'm going to have to call that one off for now, and instead set my sights to Gravity Rush. Although I may get around to that other game later, as well as a Pikmin 2 review which was requested, I'm going to put it on hold for now.
Still, as of right now Gravity Rush IS actually one of them games that's been getting mixed reviews so it doesn't go against that "series" I was talking about, but it also isn't the game I originally planned on doing. From what I've heard so far though, and from what I've seen from playing the demos, Gravity Rush does have a few "problems' which have caused the game to get lower scores, but at the same time it's really had to say if these problems are actually problems till I play it. I've heard mixed feelings on the story, and some people have hated the combat, while others have stated they loved the open world, the unique gameplay, and the story that others have had mixed feelings about.

So yeah, once I get the Vita and start playing this game, I'll let you guys know how it is!

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